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Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation
Status of compliance with non-proliferation and disarmament obligations.
World Court Project/International Law
The historic 1996 opinion of the International Court of Justice on the illegality of nuclear weapons and international law developments since then.
Nuclear Weapons Convention
The elimination of nuclear weapons through negotiation of an international agreement (convention). Includes a model Nuclear Weapons Convention drafted under LCNP's leadership.
Publications and Resources
Books, articles, newsletters, law school reading lists, links and more.
Nuclear Energy
Dangers of nuclear power and its status under the Non-Proliferation Treaty; energy alternatives.
About LCNP
A non-profit educational association of lawyers and legal scholars.

IALANA, Middle Powers Initiative, Global Action to Prevent War, Abolition 2000, Mayors for Peace.

Anyone who has a nuclear weapon as an instrument of foreign policy is ready to break all three categories of law: those of man, god, and nature. The formation of a committee such as yours was a categorical imperative.
- Kurt Vonnegut, letter to LCNP President Peter Weiss, September 1997

Nuclear Abolition Forum:
Dialogue on the Process to Achieve and Sustain a Nuclear Weapons Free World

A valuable resource for education and advocacy, the inaugural issue features articles by LCNP and other experts examining the humanitarian approach to the abolition of nuclear weapons.



Beyond the Bomb: tears, laughter, hope

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What's New?

A Legal Instrument for the Prohibition and Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms, May 2, 2016, UN Open-ended Working Group
taking forward multilateral nuclear disarmament negotiations

Dramatic Hearings in The Hague in the Marshall Islands’ Nuclear Zero Cases, LCNP eNews, April 2016

The Marshall Islands' Nuclear Zero Cases in the International Court of Justice
Information on the pathbreaking initiative, plus media coverage
- LCNP Amicus Brief in Marshall Islands' appeal in US court case, July 20, 2015

The Climate-Nuclear Nexus, Jürgen Scheffran and others, World Future Council, April 2016

Strange Spectacle: Nuclear Security Summit 2016, John Burroughs, IPS, April 21, 2016

Letter to President Obama Calling for Moratorium on Testing Hypersonic Missiles, January 13, 2016

Legal Aspects of Reliance on Nuclear Weapons, Remarks of John Burroughs, Conference on New Dilemmas in Ethics, Technology and War, American Academy of Arts & Sciences, West Point, November 4-6, 2015

Legal Gap or Compliance Gap? John Burroughs and Peter Weiss, Arms Control Today, October 2015

The Way Forward to a World Free of Nuclear Weapons, Remarks of John Burroughs, Canadian Pugwash Conference, Pugwash, Nova Scotia, July 9-11, 2015

NPT 2015 Review Conference

Robust Debate but No Agreement at the 2015 NPT Review Conference, John Burroughs, LCNP Executive Director, June 2015 (PDF)

The NPT Phoenix—Success from the Ashes of Failure? Alyn Ware, UNFOLD ZERO, May 24, 2015

Nuclear Disarmament: The Fierce Urgency of Now, IALANA presentation delivered by IALANA Co-President Peter Weiss at the 2015 NPT Review Conference

Nuclear Weapons: Humanitarian Aspects and Legal Framework, presentation by LCNP Executive Director John Burroughs at an NPT side-event organized by the Hiroshima Prefecture, April 29, 2015

NEW! Climate Protection and Nuclear Abolition: Exploring the Connections
- Links to analysis, presentations, and more resources

LCNP and PSR urge President Obama to take executive action on de-alerting and climate consequences of nuclear explosions, June 10, 2015

Taking Nuclear Missiles Off Hair-Trigger Alert, LCNP President Guy Quinlan, May 2015

Nuclear Disarmament: The Road Ahead, IALANA, April 2015

LCNP endorses the 1 for 7 Billion campaign to find the best next UN Secretary-General

Event Report, April 2, 2014, Honoring Peter Weiss, LCNP President Emeritus, "Law's Imperative: A World Free of Nuclear Weapons," with Hans Corell, Virginia Gamba, Roger Clark, and Elizabeth Shafer
- Tributes to Peter, a special publication
- Video excerpts of speakers' remarks, courtesy of DCTV

Creating the Conditions and Building the Framework for a Nuclear Weapons-Free World, Summary Report and Presentations, Berlin Framework Forum sponsored by Middle Powers Initiative and PNND, February 21-22, 2013
Briefing Paper
, John Burroughs, LCNP Executive Director
Roundtable, German Mission to the United Nations, New York, October 10, 2012
Remarks of Angela Kane, UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs
Remarks of John Burroughs, LCNP Executive Director

Unspeakable suffering: the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, Reaching Critical Will, February 2013
International Humanitarian Law, John Burroughs

International Humanitarian Law and Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Abolition Forum, No. 1, 2011

Program on International Humanitarian Law and Nuclear Weapons, American Bar Association, April 20, 2012, with Amb. Libran Cabactulan, Prof. Gary Solis, and LCNP’s Charles J. Moxley, Jr. Examines the question: how does and how should international law governing the conduct of warfare apply to nuclear weapons?

Assuring destruction forever: nuclear weapon modernization around the world, Reaching Critical Will, March 2012, with articles by LCNP’s Merav Datan on Israel and John Burroughs on International Law

Fordham International Law Journal

Nuclear Weapons and Compliance with International Humanitarian Law and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Charles J. Moxley, Jr., John Burroughs and Jonathan Granoff, Fordham International Law Journal (Vol. 34, 2011)

Obama's Nuclear Posture Review, Charles J. Moxley, Jr., Fordham International Law Journal (Vol. 34, 2011)

Taking the Law Seriously: The Imperative Need for a Nuclear Weapons Convention, Peter Weiss, Fordham International Law Journal (Vol. 34, 2011)

Vancouver Declaration

Vancouver Declaration: Law's Imperative for the Urgent Achievement of a Nuclear-Weapon-Free World, February 11, 2011 [In Russian]

Signatories to the Vancouver Declaration, February 2013

Media Release, March 23, 2011

Nuclear Energy and Weapons: Uncontrollable in Time and Space, Alyn Ware, HuffPost Green, March 23, 2011

"Absolute Prohibition of an Absolute Evil," Ernie Regehr,, March 30, 2011

Law’s Imperative, John Burroughs, Reaching Critical Will Blog, April 15, 2011

Public Momentum Builds Against Nukes, Haider Rizvi, IPS, March 25, 2011

Vancouver Conference

Humanitarian Law, Human Security: The Emerging Paradigm for Non-Use and Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, Vancouver, February 10-11, 2011
Hosted by The Simons Foundation and co-convened by IALANA

Conference Statement of Intent

Participant Profiles

Remarks of Nicholas Grief - Nuclear Weapons: The Legal Status of Use, Threat and Possession

Speaking Notes of Victor Vavricka, Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Remarks of Peter Weiss: How Many Points of the Law is Possession?

Remarks of Randy Rydell: Bringing Democracy and the Rule of Law to Disarmament

Paper by Toshinori Yamada: Japan's View of the Use of Nuclear Weapons

Paper by Elizabeth Shafer: Humanitarian Law and the Nuclear Disarmament Obligation

Good Faith, International Law, and Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, May 1, 2008 Conference, Geneva

Judge Mohammed Bedjaoui, Keynote Address, May 1, 2008, Geneva
Peter Weiss, Remarks on Judge Bedjaoui’s Keynote Address
Professor Karima Bennoune, The Intersection of Nuclear Weapons and International Human Rights Law
Professor Marcelo Kohen, Remarks
Good Faith: A Fundamental Principle of International Law, John Burroughs, News in Review, Final Edition, No. 9, 28 April – 9 May 2008

Lawyers Committee on Nuclear Policy (LCNP):
UN Office of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms (IALANA). Accredited as a citizens' organization (NGO) at the United Nations.