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Raytheon Peacemakers

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In March, 1999 eleven members of a citizen weapons inspection team calling themselves Raytheon Peacemakers went on trial in Lawrence District Court. The six were arrested at the Andover plant in October 1998 and charged with trespass when they entered the facility "in search of evidence that components of weapons of mass destruction are under construction" there.

The group represented themselves and were permitted to present a defense of necessity during the three-day trial. Their main witness for the defense was former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark, who has seen first-hand the devestation caused in Iraq and Sudan by cruise missiles and other weapons produced in whole or part by Raytheon. Some of the defendants have also travelled to Iraq and Bosnia, and gave testimony about the human consequences of the on-going wars they had themselves observed.

The six person jury returned a guilty verdict after three hours of deliberation on March 10. All were sentenced to one year unsupervided probation, plus $35 witness protection fee or seven hours community service.

For more information, contact Raytheon Peacemakers at (978)249-9400.








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