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NATO Headquarters Weapons Inspection

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On Thursday May 27, approximately 500 peace activists arrived at NATO headquarters in Brussels, Belgium, most of them having walked from the International Court of Justice in the Hague, Netherlands on the 2000 Walk for Nuclear Abolition organized by For Mother Earth. A letter challenging NATO’s illegal nuclear policies and practices, and seeking specific information on the numbers, locations, yields and targets of NATO nuclear weapons, had previously been sent to NATO Secretary-General Javier Solana .

For Mother Earth requested permission for the 500 activists to enter NATO headquarters in order to gather information to either substantiate or disprove the charges. A delegation of five, including Alyn Ware, LCNP Consultant at Large, was allowed in to meet with NATO press officer Nick Fiorenza and legal adviser Baldwin De Vidts, however this meeting did not produce answers or information sought by the group. The NATO representatives were thus informed that the activists would exercise their rights and responsibilities under the Nuremberg principles to take further non-violent action in order to prevent commission of war crimes and crimes against peace by NATO, and that such actions would include attempts to enter the site to gather additional information. Once the activists started such action, they were beaten by the security police, fired upon with water cannons and many arrested. Another group from the walk was detained by police in order to prevent them from attending a meeting in the European Parliament on the issue hosted by European Parliament Member Magda Aelvoet.

For Mother Earth activists continued actions at the base over the next two days resulting in over 260 arrests. Photos and details can be found on






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