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Gods of Metal Plowshares

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On January 4, 1999 five Gods of Metal Plowshares activists were sentenced to prison for terms ranging from four to ten months following their conviction for willful damage to government property stemming from their disarmament action against a B-52 bomber at Andrews Air Force Base outside of Washington. Federal Judge Alexander Williams gave each defendant the lowest sentence under the sentencing guidelines stating that "It’s clear to me that you’re sincere in your beliefs…" Defendant Kathy Boylan equated the B-52 to a Nazi gas chamber and to the chains placed on slaves. Defendant Carol Gilbert said "By our actions we intended to disarm these gods of metal. They are illegal and they must be disarmed."

Prosecutor Patrick DeConcini, a catholic and son of former senator Dennis DeConcini, when asked if it was difficult for him to be prosecuting two nuns, two priests and a grandmother, replied "I think that’s fair to say."

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