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Useful Nuclear Disarmament Links


Abolition 2000 A global network of over 1400 organizations calling for the abolition of nuclear weapons through the conclusion of an international nuclear weapons convention (treaty).

Acronym Institute publishes Disarmament Diplomacy, a monthly journal of news, documentation and opinion  pieces on disarmament and arms control negotiations

Civil Society Review of the WMD Commission Report is a project of Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy, Western States Legal Foundation, Reaching Critical Will/WILPF, in partnership with the Arms Control Association

Coalition for an International Criminal Court provides a website which is the primary NGO provider of online information about the International Criminal Court.

The Commonwealth Institute is a non-profit, non-governmental public policy research organization located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

Federation of American Scientists provides information on nuclear weapons systems, delivery systems and the latest technical developments in the nuclear weapons arena.

Friends Committee on National Legislation, FCNL seeks to bring the concerns, experiences and testimonies of the Religious Society of Friends to bear on policy decisions in the nation's capital. FCNL's small staff works with a nationwide network of thousands of Quakers and like-minded people to advocate social and economic justice, peace, and good government.

Global Action to Prevent War is a coalition-building to stop war, genocide, and other forms of deadly conflict.

Global Policy Forum monitors global policy making at the United Nations, promotes accountability of global decisions, educates and mobilizes for global citizen participation, and advocates on vital issues of international peace and justice.

The Global Security Institute undertakes to lead citizens and policymakers to work for the long-term solution to the threat of nuclear annihilation: the worldwide abolition of nuclear weapons.

Greenpeace International organization which publicizes threats to the environment by taking direct action at sites of environmental destruction or at the offices of institutions or corporations responsible. Includes a focus on nuclear disarmament.

Hague Appeal for Peace Global program for the abolition of war. Included an historical Hague Peace Conference of 10,000 people in May 1999.

International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms - IALANA works to develop and strengthen the international legal order with a view to delegitimizing the use and threat of use of nuclear weapons. IALANA is LCNP's parent organization.

International Campaign to Ban Landmines - ICBLworks for the global abolition of landmines, universal adherence to the landmines convention, increased assistance for demining activities and humanitarian aid for landmine victims.

International Network of Engineers & Scientists Against Proliferation - INESAPpromotes nuclear disarmament, tightening of existing arms control and non-proliferation regimes, and implementation of additional approaches to curbing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and to controlling the transfer of related technology.

International Committee of the Red Cross aims to protect the lives and dignity of victims of war and internal violence and to provide them with assistance. It also endeavors to prevent suffering by promoting and strengthening humanitarian law and universal humanitarian principles.

International Court of Justice otherwise known as the World Court, is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations.

International Panel on Fissile Materials analyzes the technical basis for practical and achievable policy initiatives to secure, consolidate, and reduce stockpiles of highly enriched uranium and plutonium.

International Peace Bureau aims to support peace and disarmament initiatives taken by the UN, by governments, and especially by citizens. Founded in 1892, IPB has 170 member organizations in over 40 countries.

International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War - IPPNW raises health issues of nuclear weapons, landmines and war. Acts to abolish nuclear weapons and war as a preventive health approach.

Institute for Energy and Environmental Research is dedicated to increasing public involvement in and control over environmental problems through the democratization of science.

Mahatma Gandhi Research and Media Service is an undertaking of the GandhiServe Foundation, Berlin that offers photos, footage, audio, books, information, writings online, video online, research service, consultancy and rare materials on Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi.

Middle Powers Initiative is dedicated to the worldwide reduction and elimination of nuclear weapons, in a series of well-defined stages accompanied by increasing verification and control.

Movement in India for Nuclear Disarmament includes links to background materials and documents

National Environmental Coalition of Native Americans is native American environmentalists working to keep nuclear waste off Indian lands.

Natural Resources Defense Council Nuclear Program surveys and analyzes developments on a variety of nuclear weapon issues ranging from keeping track of global arsenals and the status of arms treaties, to the problems of waste and fissile material disposition, security and control. 

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation initiates and supports worldwide efforts to abolish nuclear weapons, to strengthen international law and institutions, and to inspire and empower a new generation of peace leaders.

Nuclear Free Local Authorities works for a nuclear free future in practical ways within local government.

Nuclear Information and Resource Service (NIRS) is the information and networking center for citizens and environmental organizations concerned about nuclear power, radioactive waste, radiation, and sustainable energy issues.

Nuclear Resister reports on acts of non-violent resistance against nuclear weapons and resulting court cases.

Nuclear Weapons Law Association is a not-for-profit association formed by attorneys and others concerned about the proliferation of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction and determined to subject such weapons and the related risks to the rule of law, particularly to the rules of international law applicable to the use of force.

Nukefix. In Nukefix you can assess probabilities of nuclear weapons use and the impact such use would have. Based on the work of Ike Jeanes in the book "Forecast and Solution: Grappling with the Nuclear".

Pacific Peace Working Group works to free the Asia-Pacific region from the threat of military intervention and war. PCDS functions as a research, information, and support network as part of a worldwide search for mutual security.

Parliamentary Network for Nuclear Disarmament is a non-partisan forum for parliamentarians, nationally and internationally, to share resources and information, develop cooperative strategies and engage in nuclear disarmament issues, initiatives and arenas. 

Pax Christi USA, National Catholic Peace Movement, has more than 11,000 members who root their peacemaking effort in the gospel and, through prayer, commit themselves to the Christian principles of nonviolence and justice for all.

Ploughshares. Non-violent direct actions to "disarm" nuclear weapons systems.

Ploughshares Fund Supports efforts to build global security in the nuclear age.

Project on Defense Alternatives seeks to adapt security policy to the challenges and opportunities of the post-Cold War era through the promotion of policies that serve to create conditions favorable to the advent of regional and global cooperative security regimes.

Reaching Critical Will is an initiative from the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom that started in 1999 with a single focus: to increase the quality and quantity of non-governmental organisation preparation for and participation in the 2000 Review of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. At that time, leaders in the peace and disarmament movements indentified the need for a critical mass of political will to be exerted to encourage a positive outcome of the 2000 meeting of 187 governments. Since then, the initiative has expanded to provide primary resources and information around other disarmament fora, namely the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, and the General Assembly First Committee which is focused on Disarmament and International Security.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute is an independent foundation established in 1966 to research and disseminate data about arms production, military expenditures, and disarmament.

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The Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance
works to halt nuclear weapons work at the Y-12 Plant in Oak Ridge,

Student Pugwash USA offers educational programs that are interdisciplinary, intergenerational, and international in scope, reflecting a belief that all citizens share a responsibility to ensure that science and technology are utilized for the benefit of humankind.

Think Outside the Bomb a diverse network seeking to inspire a new generation of young leader to work toward a nuclear-free world.

Trident Ploughshares 2000. Non-violent direct actions to "disarm" the Trident submarine nuclear weapons systems.

Tri-Valley CAREs   (Communities Against a Radioactive Environment) Monitors nuclear weapons production, research and development, particularly at the Livermore Laboratory.

UNESCO Culture of Peace Project aims to promote values, attitudes and behaviors in people so that they will seek peaceful solutions to problems.

Union of Concerned Scientists is citizens and scientists working together for a common goal: a healthy environment and a safe world, for today and for the next century.

United Nations. Formed in 1945 as a forum for nation states and their people to "end the scourge of war" and to develop cooperative international approaches to disarmament, development and peace.

United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs monitors and reports on international disarmament efforts of the United Nations.

U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency aims to strengthen the national security of the United States by formulating, advocating, negotiating, implementing and verifying effective arms control, nonproliferation,and disarmament policies, strategies, and agreements.

War and Peace Foundation Promotes initiatives to abolish nuclear weapons, phase out nuclear energy and oppose war.

War Resisters League is committed not only to eliminating war, but the causes of war-causes intricately linked to the violence that pervades our society.

Western States Legal Foundation is a non-profit, public interest organization founded in 1982, which monitors and analyzes U.S. nuclear weapons programs and policies.

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - WILPF works on international, national and local levels. It seeks to educate, inform and mobilize women for action.

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