This Is My Homeland is now available
Serpent River First Nation 2003, $10, 123 pp, soft cover

This Is My Homeland: Stories of the effects of nuclear industries by people of the Serpent River First Nation and the north shore of Lake Huron

edited by Lorraine Rekmans, Keith Lewis and Anabel Dwyer

"A lot of the people that worked at the mines, that are my age, are dying of cancer."
-  Junior

The North American Great Lakes Basin contains thousands of sites contaminated with radiation. In the Serpent River watershed, 250 million tons of tailings from 12 uranium and thorium mines and mills and a uranium refinery continue to inflict grave harm. The Rio Algom and Denison Mining Companies mines and mills produced yellowcake for U.S. nuclear weapons and Canadian nuclear power plants. The land for the mines and mills was seized in 1954 from the Serpent River First Nation in violation of the 1850 Robinson Huron Treaty.

In This Is My Homeland, the people of Serpent River talk about the health and environmental effects of the mining, the deception of the mining companies and governments, and their campaigns to regain justice against such tremendous odds.

"Many of us have been silent for a long time. We have been told to be quiet because we do not know all the details of the scientific information possessed by the experts. What has happened? Why are we listening to lunatics? What good is a nuclear bomb? What country and what people are we hoping to defend? The poisons that seep into our water system and the tailings dust in the air around us will kill us slowly and silently. Who will be left to defend if we all die of radiation poisoning." -
Lorraine Rekmans, This Is My Homeland

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