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Publications Armageddon or Brave New World?

Armageddon or Brave New World?
Reflections on the Hostilities in Iraq, Second Edition
Sarvodaya Vishva Lekha 2005, $25 incl. S&H, 197 pp, soft cover

With new section bringing the analysis up to date
ISBN 955-599-324-5

C.G. Weeramantry
President of the International Association of Lawyers Against Nuclear Arms
Former Vice-President of the International Court of Justice
Founder, Weeramantry International Centre for Peace Education and Research, Colombo, Sri Lanka

"Like so many thinking people all over the world Christie Weeramantry has been very perturbed by the tragedy in Iraq -- the invasion of the country by the US, British, and Australian forces.... In protest against this planned invasion, Mr Weeramantry wrote articles, gave interviews and addressed meetings, which included a sessions of British parliamentarians in London. The general thrust of his arguments was that an attack on Iraq without the approval of the Security Council would be unconstitutional. He specified ten principles in the UN Charter which would be violated. An invasion would also be morally indefensible, as it would inevitably result in the killing of numerous lives and serious damage to the infrastructure, hospitals, schools and religious and cultural institutions.

"In his book, Mr. Weeramantry enlarges on the opinions he has expressed earlier and stresses the fact that we have a task to counter the dangers ahead of us. He refers to the UN Charter as 'the basic document of today's international law'....

"Armageddon or a brave new world? A world of violence or a world of peace? Mr Weeramantry's book is a source of valuable information as well as a guide to the action which all of us should now be taking."

Vernon Abeysekera, The Guardian, September 3, 2003 (review of first edition)

"In possibly the first book to be published about the current military invasion and occupation of Iraq by the US and some of its allies, Judge Weeramantry explores the legal and political ramifications of the US actions, the reasons force is too often used in international relations and legal mechanisms which could be employed to prevent war."

Alyn Ware, IALANA Newsletter, October 2003 (review of first edition)

Joan Ullman, New York Law Journal, May 28, 2004 (review of first edition)


Judge Christopher G. Weeramantry
Judge ad hoc, International Court of Justice

Judge Weeramantry, a member (1991 - 2000) of the International Court of Justice. and a former Vice President of that Court, was prior to his appointment to the Court a Professor of Law and a Justice of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka. He is a Doctor of Laws of the University of London and the author of numerous books and articles published throughout the world on peace, intercultural understanding, human rights and many other related legal topics. He is founder of the Weeramantry International Centre for Peace, Education and Research, Colombo, Sri Lanka, and is currently an Emeritus Professor in the Law Faculty at Monash University, Victoria, Australia.

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