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Global Action to Prevent War:



Reading List: The Iraq War and International Law, Professors John Burroughs and Merav Datan, Rutgers Law School, Newark, Fall 2004 John Burroughs is LCNP Executive Director; Merav Datan is former Research Director for LCNP and a board member.

Nuclear Weapons Doctrine, Arms Control, and International Law (Word doc), Professor Elliott L. Meyrowitz, Michigan State University College of Law, Spring 2004. Elliot Meyrowitz, a member of the LCNP consultative council, is author of Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons: the Relevance of International Law (Transnational Publishers, 1990).

Presentations at the NYC session of the World Tribunal on Iraq, May 8, 2004

The UN Charter and the Iraq War, Peter Weiss, May 8, 2004, World Tribunal on Iraq, New York session

UN Security Council Deliberations Regarding Iraq by Uchenna Emeagwali and Jeannie Gonzalez (pdf), July 2003

International Appeal by Lawyers and Jurists against the "Preventive" Use of Force pdf, February 2003
List of Supporters (pdf)

Letter to Kofi Annan from Prominent International Lawyers (pdf), March 10, 2003

Lawyers, Doctors Warn UN Over US Attack on Iraq by Thalif Deen, IPS, February 12, 2003

War Is Not the Path to Peace: The United States, Iraq, and the Need for Stronger International Legal Standards to Prevent War pdf-file October 24, 2002

Letter to Members of the United Nations Security Council pdf-file October 8, 2002
          Press Release (pdf) October 10, 2002

The United Nations Charter and the Use of Force Against Iraq pdf-file October 2, 2002
          Press Release pdf-file October 3, 2002

Use of Force and Security Council Resolution 1441: Legal Opinion for Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament pdf-file November 2002

Legality of Use of Force Against Iraq: Peacerights Legal Opinion (pdf) September 2002

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