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LCNP's stategic partnership with Global Action to Prevent War has stongly evolved since 2001. As a complemetary organization, Global Action is a program for government and grassroots efforts to stop war, genocide and other forms of deadly conflict. It aims to bring together many of the specific arms control and conflict resolution initiatives nationally and internationally in order to develop cooperation between the different efforts and to address possible gaps.

LCNP works in partnership with a number of groups on the project including the World Order Models Project (WOMP), Union of Concerned Scientists and Institute for Defense and Disarmament Studies.

LCNP's involvement in the program has included formation of working groups on the demilitarization of space and comprehensive arms restraint, and joint production with WOMP of a Draft convention on the Monitoring and reduction of Arms Transfers, Stockpiling and Production.

Global Action to Prevent War

War and Occupation in Iraq, Global Policy Forum, June 2007, co-sponsored by LCNP

U.S. Nuclear Hypocrisy and the Iraq War (audio), written, John Burroughs, January 21, 2007

Remarks by John Burroughs at the WMDC Panel Discussion, Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue, Vancouver, Canada, June 28, 2006

German Federal Court decision on a soldier's freedom of conscience to refuse orders, June 21, 2005. Condensed version translated by TRANSLATIONES ( on behalf of the Federation of German Scientists (Vereinigung Deutscher Wissenschaftler e.V. -

International Law and Peace: A Peace Lesson, Judge Weeramantry and John Burroughs, July 2005

A Reader on Second Assembly and Parliamentary Proposals, edited by Professor Saul H. Mendlovitz and Barbara Walker - current analysis of the ongoing debate over the "democracy gap" in the UN System, May 2003

Jus ad Bellum: Law Regulating Resort to Force, Nicole Deller and John Burroughs, Human Rights, Winter 2003

Program Statement 2003 of Global Action to Prevent War (pdf)

US Opposition to the International Criminal Court, John Burroughs, June 2003

Saving the Non-Proliferation Regime, Post-Iraq, by Jonathan Dean, April 9, 2003

Iraq :

The Iraq War and International Law, Professors John Burroughs and Merav Datan, Rutgers Law School, Newark, Fall 2004 John Burroughs is LCNP Executive Director; Merav Datan is former Research Director for LCNP and a board member.

Presentations at the NYC session of the World Tribunal on Iraq (temporarily unavailable), May 8, 2004

The UN Charter and the Iraq War, Peter Weiss, May 8, 2004, World Tribunal on Iraq, New York session

Iraq Crisis: Diplomacy: Conflict would be deemed illegal by Mark Turner, Financial Times, February 14, 2003

Lawyers, Doctors Warn UN Over US Attack on Iraq by Thalif Deen, IPS, February 12, 2003

International Appeal by Lawyers and Jurists against the "Preventive" Use of Force pdf, February 2003
List of Supporters (pdf)

An Appeal to Law - IALANA Statement on the Threat of War Against Iraq pdf-file November 24, 2002

War Is Not the Path to Peace: The United States, Iraq, and the Need for Stronger International Legal Standards to Prevent War pdf-file October 24, 2002

The United Nations Charter and the Use of Force Against Iraq pdf-file October 2, 2002

Use of Force and Security Council Resolution 1441: Legal Opinion for Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament pdf-file September 2002

UN Security Council Deliberations Regarding Iraq by Uchenna Emeagwali and Jeannie Gonzalez (pdf), July 2003

Current Status of the Comprehensive and Nuclear Terrorism Conventions by Susan Philipose

Statement on the September 11 Attacks

UN Resolutions re: September 11, 2001 with explanatory comments by John Burroughs

Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in the Context of Plan Colombia talk by Peter Weiss

Précis of the Global Action Plan

Summary of the UN elements of the Global Action Plan

Conference Held on Impunity in Chile and the Need for the ICC

The French "Interpretive Declaration" Regarding Nuclear Weapons

Panel on Restructuring of the Global Arms Industry and its Implications

Kosovo and the Abolition of War for Kosovo

The International Criminal Court and Weapons of Mass Destruction

Resolution on Kosovo

Global Action to Prevent War Progress Report, July 1999

Triumphalists at Work: Implications of the Serbian War for nuclear disarmament

"LCNP has demonstrated a consistent level of expertise in the elaboration of creative and valuable proposals.
LCNP's work has clearly shown the valuable role that non-governmental organizations can play in international affairs, and also helped make the UN more open to NGO involvement."

H.E. Razali Ismail
UN General Assembly, 1997

Revised: December 4, 2006  

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