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Nuclear Weapon-Free Zones

Federal Constitutional Act concerning a Nuclear-free Austria, adopted July 1, 1999:

- original in German


The Uppsala Declaration on Nuclear Weapons-Free Zones

Nuclear Weapons-Free Zones: Crucial Steps Towards a Nuclear-Free World a press release

Strengthening Existing Nuclear Weapon Free Zones by Devon Chaffee and Jim Wurst

Nuclear Weapon Free Zones: From Symbolic Gesture to Statutory Ban: The Aotearoa-New Zealand Experience by Kate Dewes and Alyn Ware

Submission to the Select Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade on the New Zealand Nuclear Free Zone Extension Bill by IALANA

Resources for Nuclear Disarmament: Talk at Dhaka Conference for a Nuclear-Free South Asia

Report on Dhaka Conference for a Nuclear-Free South Asia





Revised: August 20, 2002.

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