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Nuclear Disarmament and Non-Proliferation: Fast Track to Nuclear Weapons




The Middle Powers Initiative


This briefing book, written by retired British Navy Commander Robert D. Green, is the first publication of the Middle Powers Initiative, an LCNP-cosponsored campaign to mobilize key non-nuclear weapons states in the effort to encourage the leaders of the nuclear weapons states to commit themselves to the elimination of nuclear weapons.

"The purpose of this briefing book, therefore, is to help transform this overwhelming wish to get rid of nuclear weapons into political movement. It highlights the deepening nuclear weapons crisis, discusses the feasibility and desirability of rapid nuclear disarmament, and explores the role that middle power governments, supported by civil society, can play in advancing such a goal."

from the Preface

The book documents the formation of the New Agenda Coalition, a group of eight countries which in 1998 launched an appeal for nuclear disarmament and detailed practical steps that could be taken to achieve it.

"We hope that the Middle Powers Initiative’s carefully focussed campaign will contribute to the efforts which our governments are pursuing by raising public awareness of the dangers inherent in the present situation, and mobilize public and media support…"

David Andrews                             and                Lena Hjelm-Wallen
Foreign Minister for Ireland                          Foreign Minister of Sweden

Published by the Middle Powers Initiative; 1998
72 pp. (softcover)
U.S. $10.00 (for orders within the U.S.; inquire about bulk rates and international shipping charges)




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