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Abolition 2000 Petition: 
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Abolition 2000 International Petition
Missiles to Sunflowers: A New Commitment for a New Century

We call upon all states, and particularly the nuclear weapons states, to make the following commitments:

1. END THE NUCLEAR THREAT. End the nuclear threat by dealerting all nuclear weapons, withdrawing all nuclear weapons from foreign soil and international waters, separating warheads from delivery vehicles and disabling them, committing to unconditional no first use of nuclear weapons, and ceasing all nuclear weapons tests, including laboratory tests and "subcriticals."

2. SIGN THE TREATY. Sign a Nuclear Weapons Convention by the year 2000, agreeing to the elimination of all nuclear weapons within a timebound framework

3. REALLOCATE RESOURCES. Reallocate resources to ensure a sustainable global future and to redress the environmental devastation and human suffering caused by nuclear weapons production and testing, which have been disproportionately borne by the world's indigenous peoples.


Start a signature campaign today. Print out a hard copy of the petition.

Sign on line at Abolition 2000\intlpetition.htm







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