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Nuclear Abolition Calendar 

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Date                      Event

March 1-8             Global Abolition Day (Week of public actions and lobbying for nuclear abolition, upholding                                articles 1, 2 and 6 of NPT)

March 1                Nuclear-Free and Independent Pacific Day
                             (U.S. detonates 17 megaton hydrogen bomb on Bikini Atoll, 1954)

March 5                NPT Day
                             (NPT enters into forces, 1970)

April 22                 Earth Day

April 26                Chernobyl Day (Chernobyl nuclear reactor accident, 1986)

May 11 and 28     Proliferation Days
                              (India and Pakistan conduct nuclear tests, 1998)

June 1                   Sunflower Celebration Day
                              (U.S. Russian and Ukrainian defense ministers plant sunflowers to celebrate Ukraine becoming                                 nuclear weapons free)

July 8                      International Court of Justice Opinion Day
                             (International Court of Justice rules nuclear weapons generally illegal and there exists an                                obligation for complete nuclear disarmament)

July 16                   Trinity Day
                              (First nuclear weapon test, 1945)

August 6                  Hiroshima Day

August 9                 Nagasaki Day

October 9              Nuremberg Day
                               (Leaders held to account for crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity,                                  1946)

October 19           Indigenous Peoples' Day
                               (Indigenous peoples have suffered disproportionate effects of nuclear mining and testing)

October 24            Disarmament Week

October 24           United Nations Day

December 1            Prisoners of Conscience Day

December 10          Human Rights Day



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