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Abolition 2000 Resolution for College Campuses: 

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Whereas the billions of dollars spent on nuclear weapons each year could be reallocated to help fund educational programs and other social needs;

Whereas the research and development of nuclear weapons, which has involved many of our universities, fosters a culture of secrecy which is in direct opposition to the principles of democracy;

Whereas the intellectual resources currently devoted to the development and maintenance of our nuclear arsenals could be far more productively used for research into environmentally sound technologies;

Whereas the International Court of Justice ruled unanimously in July 1996, "There exists an obligation to pursue in good faith and bring to a conclusion negotiations leading to nuclear disarmament in all its aspects under strict and effective international control";

Whereas retired U.S. General Lee Butler, once responsible for all U.S. strategic nuclear forces, has called nuclear weapons "inherently dangerous, hugely expensive, militarily inefficient, and morally indefensible";

Whereas the residual effects of nuclear warfare would have a lasting impact on present and future generations, posing a constant threat to the health and peace of mind of the world's citizens;

Whereas it is in the direct interest of young people to support the sustainability of life on this planet in order that they may have a healthy place to live in which to pursue their dreams and aspirations;

Now, therefore, be it resolved that the Student Council of _______________:

Declares itself a Nuclear Weapon Free Zone and supports the further development of Nuclear Weapon Free Zones throughout the world;

Calls for all nuclear weapons to be taken off alert status, for all nuclear warheads to be separated from their delivery vehicles, and for the nuclear weapons states to agree to unconditional no first use of these weapons;

Calls upon the governments of all nuclear weapons states to begin negotiations immediately on a Nuclear Weapons Convention to prohibit and eliminate all nuclear weapons early in the next century, and to complete these negotiations by the year 2000;

Calls for copies of this resolution to be distributed among the student body, faculty, and administration, as well as local government leaders, U.S. Representative(s), U.S. Senators, and the President.

Prepared by the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation for the Abolition 2000 Global Campaign.







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